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This dust shoe is for the RatRig Killerbee and is independent of the z axis, no worrying about the bristles getting caught in the bit.

The base is held in place with magnets giving easy access to the bit and lock button,

The Brush Is removable, to enable a refit of a new brush due to damage, there's a cover for the spindle hole, allowing you to let the whole spindle through the shoe or just the collet and bit. 


The Aluminium side brackets fit to the 4 existing bolts on the z carriage plate making it an easy install.

There's approximately 116mm of vertical travel on the slides and with the extra set of holes to hold the sides there's another 50mm drop.

This model is for a 80mm spindle with a 100mm outlet. and needs at least 900cfm to run correctly.

If you have extraction that is running on less than 900cfm  or a different size spindle/outlet I can modify this to suit your needs. message me for more info.


While I try to post within 2 to 3 days this is not all ways possible, there may be lead time on certain items.

Rat Rig Killerbee Z independent 80mm spindle

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