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If you're thinking of adding an endoscope/camera to your machine, 
but still want to keep the shop clean this is the ideal dust shoe for that.

The standard shoe is two pieces which are held together with magnets, 
enabling the base/brush section to be removed easily. 

12v daylight white LEDs are embedded in the top of the shoe, 
the power is routed through the shoe to the top and has a 2 pin JST connector there, insuring the base of the shoe is still removed easily.

As with all HHJ dust shoes, the illuminated version can be supplied with two lengths of brush,
 52mm oa,(over all length) and 67mm oa, or spacers to fit between the top and base of the standard shoe, 
they are held by magnets so easily removable.

80mm Spindle Illuminated

PriceFrom £59.99
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