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This is a CNC Dust shoe to fit a 80mm spindle,


This is a 2 part dust shoe which fits to the trimmer with a jubilee clip, and together with magnets.

The shoe is designed to slide up and down on the body of the spindle to set the brush to the correct height.

The brush comes at 52mm over all in length as standard,If you can't get the height you need just cut it to your required length.

I can supply this with a 67mm oa brush if the 52mm oa isn't long enough or 2 bases with one of each fitted and one top. 

Alternatively I make spacers to fit between the top and bottom half of the shoe which also fit together with magnets.

While I'm setting this site up you'll need to Contact me for the cost of anything that's not included with a standard shoe.

The extraction fitting size on the shoe is a external diameter , to fit a  internal diameter on your hose, unless it states "int" for internal, then the opposite it true.

If you can't find what you need contact me, I will make it for you.

80mm spindle

PriceFrom £35.00
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