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Dust shoe to fit a Dewalt D26200, 

This is a 3 part dust shoe which fits to the trimmer with a jubilee clip, and together

with magnets.

The 20mm spacer is to allow access to the lock button.

The brush length is 52mm overall as standard.

The Brush Is removable, to enable a refit of a new brush due to damage,


There are different size spacers avialible to give multiple height settings with out

moving the top of the shoe.

 just slide the shoe vertically along the spindle to set the bristles where you need


if your mount restricts this then cut them to your required length


I will ship worldwide, 

the buyer will be due for any import duty.


The extraction outlet size on the shoe is external, to fit inside your extraction hose,

unless it states internal, 

If you can't see the size you need let me know and I'll make it.

69.5mm Spindle/Dewalt D26200

PriceFrom £45.00
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