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Welcome to Harker-Hayman Joinery.

This is the place to buy standard, or bespoke CNC dust shoes.

If you cant find the size you need contact me and I'll design and make it for you,

Design time is free, Only pay for the dust shoe.

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I've been making these dust shoes for the last 2 years, they work, and they work well.

There's plenty of feed back on ebay for the first 2 years worth of sales, under the ID Harker-Hayman,

Have a look what people who already own a HHJ Dust shoe are saying about them here.

I have designs to fit spindles from 43mm, (The Stepkress,) 65mm (the Makita,) 69.5mm (the Dewalt.) To the largest (so far) 100mm, and design time is free, so if you need a size that isn't listed the cost will only be for the dust shoe itself.

The outlet sizes range from 32mm up to 127mm so far,

I've made 1 square outlet, and a twin 100mm outlet.

Tel: 07923 094259



dewalt to 35 int (3).jpg
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